Jenny Arredondo, Director of Child Nutrition

Jenny serves in a school district where 90% of kids receive free and reduced meals. During COVID-19, her team served 90,000 meals a day, including breakfast and lunch. They even expanded their distribution sites, so families without cars could walk to pick up food. By the end of summer, they had served 2 million meals.

What Jenny is most proud of during this trying time is they did not leave a single gap in feeding kids, from the school closure in March to the current school year. She says that wouldn’t have been possible without her team’s heart for service and key partnerships. The USDA and local food banks provided additional food, and Tyson Foods provided tents for their curbside pick-up locations.

As this new school year begins, she feels ready with a robust curbside operation and 100 buses making various stops to deliver meals. Jenny believes she and her team are on this Earth to feed kids. Her mission doesn’t change; she wants to keep kids fed. Link to full article.