Teach with passion

Teach in a diverse community that is rich in history and culture, provides a best fit school for every child, and allows for professional growth and advancement for all employees.

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Teach with passion

Teach in a diverse community that is rich in history and culture, provides a best fit school for every child, and allows for professional growth and advancement for all employees.

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Benefits for teachers

The Master Teacher Initiative is an SAISD initiative to develop, support, recognize, retain, and reward excellent teaching. It includes multiple measures of effective teaching that reflect the district’s values for teacher development and performance to accelerate student achievement. Teachers can earn as much as $100,000 a year or more.

San Antonio ISD is committed to providing multiple avenues and ongoing support for professional growth for our instructional staff. Tuition-free leadership programs provide the training, coaching, framework, and real-world experience individuals need to build capacity for instructional leadership as a teacher leader or as a school administrator.

Master Teacher Initiative
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Pathways for Educators
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Unique Teaching Models
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Professional Development
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New Teacher Support

San Antonio ISD is proud of its Student Teacher and New Teacher programs. Student teaching is an invaluable experience for aspiring educators. Many of our student teachers go on to join the SAISD family, and we welcome the enthusiasm, innovation, and fresh perspective they bring to our schools.

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New Teacher Orientation


Each year, SAISD hosts an orientation for all new teachers joining SAISD (including teachers with experience and those who are new to the profession).

New Teacher Academy


Teachers continue their induction  through the New Teacher Academy. This is a blended-learning program with learning in the virtual setting and in synchronous settings.

Mentor Program


SAISD’s mentor program provides support to teachers in their first two years of their career. Mentors meet weekly with their mentee to guide them in all aspects of induction as professional educators.

National Board Certification

National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain, and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. Created by teachers, for teachers, the National Board Standards represent a consensus among educators about what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.

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SAISD Leadership Academies

The Leadership Development Academies select a cohort of candidates each spring for a year-long intensive series of experiences aimed at strengthening the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of instructional staff to assume additional roles and responsibilities in campus and district leadership. For more information, please view our brochure.

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SAISD teachers in the spotlight

2019 Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Andrea Greimel, a bilingual early childhood teacher at Carvajal Early Childhood Education Center, has been awarded the 2019 Trinity Prize

2021 Finalist for Texas Teacher of the Year

Abundis named finalist for 2021 Texas Teacher of the Year Adriana Abundis, a dual language mathematics teacher at Lanier High

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am part of the New Teacher Support System?2021-02-25T20:46:38-06:00

If you are new to SAISD and in your first or second year of teaching, you will receive support as part of the program. If you do not know who your mentor is, please contact our office at 210-554-8521 or newteachersupport@saisd.net.

Where do I go for information about New Teacher Orientation?2021-02-25T20:49:12-06:00

You can access all of the details at the Organizational Learning and Support Services website.

How do I find out who my mentor is?2021-02-25T20:50:07-06:00

Every campus has a Campus Mentor Coordinator who matches new teachers and mentors. You may also contact our office at 210-554-8521 or newteachersupport@saisd.net.

What are the requirements to be a mentor?2021-02-25T20:52:56-06:00

SAISD requires that a mentor have at least three years of teaching experience and meet the objective hiring criteria for the district (i.e., 9 of 16 dimensions of T-TESS are Proficient with No Improvement Needed). Ideally, mentors teach the same grade level/content area as their mentee, but this is not always possible. All mentor assignments must be approved by the campus principal.

What are the responsibilities for serving as a mentor?2021-02-25T20:54:12-06:00

In general, mentors should support mentees with all aspects of becoming a professional educator. Specific mentoring activities are outlined in campus- and district-level mentor meetings. Email newteachersupport@saisd.net with questions.

What training and documentation are required of mentors?2021-02-25T20:55:23-06:00

Mentors must complete annual training provided by the district. Training includes online modules and a face-to-face (or synchronous virtual) workshop accompanied by their mentee. Mentors meet weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the mentee’s years of service) and submit weekly meeting logs. Mentors should contact their Campus Mentor Coordinator for more details or email newteachersupport@saisd.net.

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